So-called MMA’s Diet is not Endorsed by MMA’s Doctors

10. 03. 2016

Texts about the so called MMA diet are presented on the Internet and social networks as recommendation of the Military Medical Academy’s physicians. The MMA distances itself from such texts and recommendations so that citizens would not be under misapprehension and in order to protect their health.
Counseling for nutrition MMA, located within the Sector for Preventive Medicine, deals exclusively with individual approach to each patient and creates various types of diets tailored to the age, health, habits and other factors of importance in each case. In addition, the Counseling Center creates also the standardized menus as part of the nutritional support for MMA’s hospitalized patients, as well as for those treated at the Outpatient Clinic.
Regarding diets for achieving the desired body weight, it is necessary to warn potential users to the possible harmful effects of rigorous diet restrictions and fast weight loss. It is therefore particularly important to, before undertaking such a diet, consult experts, whether in our or in other counseling centers.
The proper nutrition is one of the segments for health preservation and prevention of chronic diseases, as well as for improving the quality of life.

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