Spinal Manipulation and Lumbar Discus Herniation

21. 03. 2010

Belgrade, March 21, 2010 – Doctor Ljiljana Krstić from the MMA’s Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the author of the monograph titled ‘Spinal Manipulation and Lumbar Discus Herniation’.
This monograph contains results of the work of a doctor who is a top expert in this field and has a great experience with chiropractic treatment of acute lumbar syndrome caused by disk herniation.
The results of a comprehensive study have shown that spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) is an effective and safe treatment modality in patients with radicular pain attributed to MRI-confirmed lumbar disc herniation. For the first time in the world literature, this monograph presents fact–based arguments that the success of the treatment in the patients study group depends on the MRI-obtained characteristics at the time of admission (the size of lumbar hernia, the height of the disc, diameter of the nerve root canal) as well as changes occurring after the application of spinal manipulation therapy. It allows reliable identification of patients with lumbar disc herniation, ensuring a high level of the treatment efficiency.
Doctor Ljiljana Krstić is one of leading experts at the MMA’s Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She specialized in our institution in 1991, earned her Master’s degree in 2001, and defended her doctoral dissertation in 2005. She has been dealing with the spinal manipulation methods in her practice since 1993. She has published a great number of professional and scientific papers covering this field as well as a monograph on chiropractic treatment of acute lumbar pain. 

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