State-of-the-art gastroenterological diagnostics

07. 02. 2010

 The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serba, Mr. Dragan Šutanovac, has opened today newly reconstructed Block of Functional Gastroenterological Diagnostics boasting the state-of-the-art equipment. 

‘This equipment funded by a 800 million dinar grant from the last year’s budget represents only a part of investments in the Military Medical Academy to make it the institution we want it to be, i.e. the best equipped and staffed medical institution in Serbia and the region as well’’, said the Minister Šutanovac. He also announced that the Military Medical Academy would get the new MRI machine sometime during the current year.

At the celebration on the occasion of 165 years of the existence of the Military Medical Services in Serbia, the Minister Šutanovac announced that the current year would be devoted to reaffirmation and renovation of that sector and mentioned what important role the Military Medical Academy would play during the University Summer Games taking place in Belgrade this year..

The SAF Chief of the General Staff, Lt.Gen. Miloje Miletić, attended the launching ceremony too. ‘’ This is one step forward towards technological renovation of the Military Medical Academy which ranks due to its highly qualified and trained personnel among the most advanced European hospitals’’, said General Miletić.

The MMA head, Major General Miodrag Jevtić said that in that way they would make patient waiting lists in Serbia shorter and thus considerably save financial resources of the National Health Insurance Fund. ‘We’ll succeed in increasing the number of people using our services in the Gastroenterological Block by 50 percent. That Block is already operating at 20 percent above its full capacity’’, said General Jevtić and added that six rooms of the said Block had been furnished and equipped to world standards.

Through the adaptation of that Block, conditions for application of the most advanced
diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of gastroenterology were created. At the same time, it ensured the possibility of monitoring every patient for 6 to 24 hours after the intervention treatment within the framework of the Same Day Surgery Center. Such a way of operation could help us save a lot and enhance the efficacy of the treatment regimens.

Due to medical equipment of the latest generation and highly qualified and trained personnel led by colonels, assistant professors and doctors Radoje Doder, Dino Tarabar and Nenad Perišić, the Military Medical Academy has ranked itself among the institutions capable of providing highest level medical services in this field at both national and regional level. It refers, in particular, to endoscopic and intervention procedures.

Each year, the Clinic for Gastroenterology performs more than 5000 upper endoscopies (examinations of the stomach, esophagus, duodenum) a large number of biopsies and postcorosive stenosis and implantation of stents in patients with inoperable esophageal carcinoma Endoscopic ultrasonography is used for the diagnosis and treatment of esophageal, stomach and pancreas carcinoma affecting more and more people over the recent years. The Clinic also carries out more than 3000 colonoscopies annually. However, it has been applying, for a longer period of time, procedures such as the esophagus and stomach pH-metry and manometry as well as manometry of analog sphincter.

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