Successful participation of the MMA’s physicians in the Congress of Transfusiologists of Serbia

18. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 18, 2010. – The participation of experts from the MMA’s Blood Transfusion Institute together with physicians from the MMA’s Clinics for Hematology, Nephrology and General and Abdominal Surgery in the 4th Congress of Transfusiologists of Serbia recently held in Belgrade was very successful.
The AF civilian employee Prof. Dr. Bela Balint delivered a plenary lecture titled ‘’Preclinical investigations and stem cells therapeutic applications in Transplantation and Regenerative medicine’’. The MMA’s physicians attending the Congress presented all together 14 papers in the form of plenary and introductory lectures and multidisciplinary oral and poster presentations on the collection, processing and quality control testing of blood and  blood products, clinical transfusiology, immunochematology, application of stem cells in Regenerative Medicine, physiology, disorders of hemostasis and blood transfusion-transmitted diseases. Particularly important was the fact that our experts presided over three sessions dealing with areas/issues of specific importance for safe chemotherapy and modern transfusiology such as immunobiology and transplantations, blood transfusion-transmitted diseases and apheresis procedures.

There were 306 experts from Serbia and other countries in the region taking an active part in the work of the Congress. They could learn about the experiences of not only national but renowned international experts from Blood Transfusion Centers in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Italy, and Belgium.

Active participation of the MMA’s experts in this event once again confirmed the high reputation   our experts in the fields of the blood physiology and pathology enjoy in the regional and European scientific arena.

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