Successfully Executed Mole Screening Campaign

14. 03. 2012

On the occasion of the Day of the Military Medical Academy, March 2, 2012, the MMA’s Melanoma Center organized the free-of-charge mole screening campaign with the aim of their early detection. The campaign open to all the citizens took place at the Republic of Serbia AF Club. There were 4 wards operating independently, each run by 4 dermatovenerologists and 3 plastic surgeons
The response of the citizens was so great, that, besides 210 scheduled exams conducted on March 2, a list of additionally scheduled 150 exams was created. Those exams are an additional list containing another 150 concerned citizens was created expected to be carried out over the next three months. Among the citizens screened for melanoma, 17 were diagnosed as having some skin changes requiring the surgical treatment and pathohystological analysis.
Today’s outcome of the campaign statistically corresponds to the usual number of suspected changes detected through a random skin testing. These findings give a clearer picture of the importance of the complete skin examination, which has become compulsory in Germany for the last five years, and is incorporated in the National Cancer Program.
Having in mind a great interest and the need for such skin cancer prevention campaigns, the Military Medical Academy will continue to organize similar activities, of which the public will be timely informed. The MMA’s physicians put emphasis on the importance of the skin self-examination as one of the most crucial aspect in the combat against melanoma
For more information on the skin self-examination click here ……. (the Skin Self-Examination Instruction) 

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