Supplementary work of the Military Medical Academy

06. 04. 2023

The Military Medical Academy has re-introduced the supplementary work of this military medical institution intended for interested citizens who want examinations and services of the MMA doctors on commercial terms.
Examinations, which are performed from Monday to Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in more than 20 specialist and sub-specialist offices of the MMA Outpatient Clinic, can be scheduled every working day through the MMA Examination Scheduling Service. In addition to choosing the desired examination, citizens also receive information if they want to be examined by a certain doctor, so they can choose the date for the examination accordingly. Scheduling an examination is possible every working day from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. via phone numbers 011/3608-498, 011/3609-399, 011/2662-717 or by visiting the MMA Outpatient Clinic in person.
The price of a medical examination differs based on experience and seniority, that is, whether it is an examination by a specialist doctor, doctor of science, or professor of a certain medical branch, and the complete price list of services is published on the website of the Military Medical Academy.
Due to the great interest in this type of treatment, the practice of providing health services during additional work at the MMA continued, which, in addition to maintaining the competitiveness of the MMA on the market, ensures the availability of health services to a larger number of citizens, without burdening the health insurance funds. Citizens of our republic, as well as neighboring republics and even foreigners, were users of the health services of the MMA Outpatient Clinic on commercial terms even before the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
The income generated from the additional work of the MMA will be used for adequate compensation to all health workers engaged in afternoon time, covering maintenance costs, and the rest will be directed to the purchase of medical supplies and further improvement of medical equipment in this military health institution.

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