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Supportive Therapy Symposium

19. 10. 2012

The Military Medical Academy was the venue of the Symposium discussing the issues of supportive therapy, organized by the MMA’s Clinic for Hematology. After cordial welcome, head of the Clinic for Hematology Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Tukic pointed out the importance of preventive therapy and supportive care in patients suffering from malignant diseases. She delivered the lectures on myeloid growth factors, febrile neutropenia as well as the frequency and the prevention methods of this severe hemiotherapy complication. 
Prof. Dr. Dragana Stamatovic talked about filgrastim in transplantation of stem cells hematopoiesis, therapeutic efficacy and benefits of peripheral blood stem cells source. The representative of the MMA’s Clinic for Pulmology Prof. Dr. Goran Plavec presented the lecture on the efficacy of highly selective 5 HT3 antagonist covering that way the causes and prognostic factors of the most significant hemiotherapy and radiotherapy side effects along with the categories and emetogenic potential of chemotherapy drugs. In course of the Symposium, head of the Sector for Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Mirjana Antunovic spoke about biosimilars and possibilities of biology therapy. In addition, she made the precaution on the difference between efficacy of original and biological drugs used in clinical practice and met the attendees with the recommendations of World Health Organization on the development questions of similar biotherapeutic medicaments.

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