Symposium held by the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

23. 04. 2012

Symposium titled "Rehabilitation Nurse Between General and Interdisciplinary Approach to Patient Care” organized by the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was held on April 20, 2012 in the MMA’s Amphitheater.
This accredited medical event organized in close partnership with the Serbian Association of Medical Nurses and Technicians in Rehabilitation and Rheumatology has brought together lecturers of various profiles and a considerable number of medical professionals from the MMA and other healthcare centers.
After the welcome and introductory speech by the head of the First Department of the MMA’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic Dr. Dejan Miljković, all the present at the event were addressed by the head of the said Clinic Col. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Đurović who delivered a lecture on highly trained rehabilitation nurses in diagnosing various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Based on conducted medical researches, a number of comprehensive lectures dealing with all important aspects of contemporary rehabilitation nursing followed. 

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