Symposium of Serbian Laboratory Medicine Technicians

22. 10. 2009

Belgrade, October 22 – The First Symposium of the Laboratory Technician Association Technicians of the Republic of Serbia was held in Belgrade, October 22 to 24, 2009, under the auspice of the Serbian Ministry of Health.
Over 400 laboratory technicians from all healthcare facilities from our country, Slovakia, Bosnia and Hercegovina,Macedonia and Croatia took a part in the work of the Symposium.
The Symposium was opened with a warm welcome extended to the attendees by Dr Elizabeta Ristanović on behalf of the MMA’s Management. The attendees were then addressed by a military employee Gordana Pavković on behalf of the MMA’s Healthcare Department. The president of the Serbian Association of Laboratory Technicians, Predrag Radić expressed his thanks to the MMA’s Management for a support it provides for the development of the Laboratory Technician Association as well as the work of laboratory technicians in this institution.
Plenary sessions were devoted to various areas of the Laboratory Medicine, and, apart the other themes, the misuse of microorganisms for bioterrorist purposes, the use of molecular diagnosis in transfusiology, detection of narcotics in biological material as well as pre-analytical and analytical errors occurring in the laboratory work.
Lectures were delivered by the eminent experts from the Microbiology and Blood Transfusion Institute, the MMA’s Poison Control Center, Serbian and Niš Clinical Centers and Vojvodina Blood Transfusion Center as well.
The round-table discussions were focused on the future status of the Laboratory Medicine Technicians in the European Education System, the harmonization process as well as previous experiences and tendencies for the further work.
Several tents of the MMA’s members took an active part in the work of the Symposium, and the MMA’s Section of the Serbian Association of Laboratory Technicians was one of the most responsible for organizing this event.


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