Symposium on Clinical Pathology Held

09. 10. 2015


In the amphitheater of the Military Medical Academy a symposium on the theme "Clinical Pathology in continuing medical education" was held. The organizers of this event were the Academy of Medical Sciences of Serbian Medical Society and the Military Medical Academy.
The symposium was attended by the Serbian Medical Society academician Radoje Colovic, the president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of SMS Professor Pavle Milenkovic, Dean of the MMA Faculty of Medicine, University of Defence in Belgrade Colonel Prof. Nebojsa Jovic, the members of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the MMA.
The expert meeting was opened by the Acting Head Col. Prof. Zoran Segrt. He stressed that continuing medical education is an important factor for improving the knowledge and skills in all professions, especially in those which are directly or indirectly involved in saving or improving the quality of life of all who come daily in the MMA for help.
- I am sure that presenting innovations in the field of clinical pathology this symposium will draw attention to this important medical field that is indispensable for practicing physicians and will further shed light on certain aspects of diagnosis and treatment having possible crucial influence on both the quality and the outcome. Recognizing the importance of this field and investing in it is inevitable and necessity of the modern medical practice - as pointed out by Prof. Dr. Segrt.
Acting Head of the Military Medical Academy in the end said that the MMA is one of the ideal places where continuing medical education has its deep, decades-long roots, and that the MMA is "a place where continuing education is created and implemented."
The meeting was then greeted by President of the SMS Academy of Medical Sciences Professor Pavle Milenkovic. He said that the Academy pays special attention to continuing medical education and that clinical pathology is present at all meetings of the SMS Academy of Medical Sciences, but that it has never been organized in this way.
At the end of his speech Professor Milenkovic awarded two certificates of appreciation – one to Colonel Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Jovic, the Dean of the MMA Medical Faculty, who was also handed a chart of the title of full member of the SMS Academy of Medical Sciences, and the other certificate to the operational organizer of the symposium Prof. Dr. Jovan Dimitrijevic, a full member of the SMS Academy of Medical Sciences.
Professor Dimitrijevic then delivered an introductory lecture about the clinical pathology in continuing medical education, and bestowed 20 copies of his book "Clinical Pathology" to the cadets of the MMA Faculty of Medicine.
He pointed out that the field of clinical pathology resulted from the collaboration of clinicians and pathologists, and the doctors of the Military Medical Academy, Clinical Center of Serbia and Clinical Center Vojvodina - Colonel Prof. Nebojsa Jovic, Colonel Prof. Dr. Dragan Mikic, Colonel Prof. Dr. Djoko Maksić, Lieutenant Colonel Prof. Dr. Boban Djordjevic, Prof. Zvonko Magic, Prof. Dr. Sonja Radakovic, Prof. Dr. Cerović, Prof. Dragan Dankuc and Prof. Dr. Marjan Micev addressed the importance of pathology in a disease diagnosis and clinical work.


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