Symposium on Glomerulopathy Delivered at MMA

16. 12. 2013

Symposium speaking about the importance of antibodies in glomerular disease diagnostics, treatment and prognosis organized by the MMA Clinic for Nephrology was held at the Military Medical Academy.
The focus of all presentations, delivered by the physicians coming from Novi Sad Clinical Center, Clinical Center of Serbia and Military Medical Academy, was on clarifying pathogenetic mechanisms in glomerular disease occurrence, primary or secondary as the part of the other autoimmune diseases bespoken as vasculitis and glomerulonephritis. Glomerulopathies are important part of kidney disease characteristic by their chronic and usually unpredictable progress. It may bring until complete damage and the need for kidney replacement.
In further course of the meeting, the attendees had the possibility to hear all about the latest pathogenetic mechanisms and antibodies in once very common disease, namely acute post-streptococcus glomerulonephritis. The presentations also included the importance of glomerulonephritis-mediated anti-GBM and ANCA, with a special emphasis on the clinic experience and recommendations for future development. Covering the field of lupus nephritis, the participants presented the novelty in disease monitoring consisting of NGAL enzymes urine determination as significant progress. A large interest provoked the review demonstrating glomerular morphological changes during different glomerulonephritis forms.

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