Symposium on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

29. 01. 2010

 Belgrade, January 29, 2010. – The MMA’s Psychiatry Clinic, Serbian Psychiatry Society, and Serbian Medical Society’s Psychiatric Section have been the organizers of the Symposium devoted to ‘’Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Contemporary trends in research and treatment’’ which was held today in the amphitheater of the Military Medical Academy. 

The Symposium brought together more than 400 psychiatrists and experts qualifying in mental health from all healthcare institutions in the Republic of Serbia, among which there were leading experts dealing with this issue and the President of the Serbian Assembly, Prof. Dr Slavica Đukić-Dejanović, who took an active part in the capacity of a plenary lecturer.

This event was opened by the MMA’s head, Major General, Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić who said that the MMA’s experts and healthcare workers in our country are entrusted with the task of realizing the present time and projecting healthy future for our people.

‘’One of the major concerns our people have been facing with after experiencing all challenges that the last decade of the 20th century has brought is the post traumatic stress disorder. The MMA’s experts due to their qualifications have a great experience in working with individuals who have already experienced horrors of the war, and they are willing to share that experience with their colleagues from the Civilian Health Care Sector as well as their international colleagues, since there is a great interest for cooperation in that field among numerous healthcare facilities worldwide’’, said General Jevtić and, in closing, wished all the participants in this Symposium great success in their work.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, the present to this event were addressed by the State Secretary, Mr. Periša Simonović, who expressed their satisfaction for such an event was hosted by the Military Medical Academy, a prestige national institution, the experts of which had always shared their unique experiences with others in the service of the health. Mr. Simonovic signified the scope and dimensions of the problem involving post traumatic stress disorder in Serbia today.

Prof. Dr. Miroslava Jašović-Gašić addressed the participants present to this event on behalf of the Serbian Psychiatry Society, and thanked the Military Medical Academy for its great contributions to the development of Serbian Psychiatry, collegial relationship and exceptional cooperation with experts from other institutions

Plenary lectures were delivered by Colonel Assist. Prof. Dr. Radomir Samardžić, Academician Prof. Dr. Dušica Lečić-Toševski and Prof. Dr Slavica Đukić – Dejanović. Dr. Samardžić focused on the problem of traumatic stress in 21st century, while doctors Lečić-Toševski and Đukić – Dejanović addressed issues involving war and peace as challenges to psychiatrists and new pharmacological approaches in the PTSD treatment.

In the further course of the Symposium, two themes were dealt with. They involved the latest trends and results of PTSD researches and specific aspects of this problem.

Two round-table discussions on the therapy of psychotic and depressive disorders were held as well. The panel discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Željko Špirić and Col. Assist. Prof. Dr. Radomir Samardžić from the Military Medical Academy was devoted to constructive reintegration and psycho-social rehabilitation of war veterans in Serbia.

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