Tara: Epizootologic days

02. 04. 2008

Tara. April 2 - International symposium – 10 epizootic days organized by the Health Department of the MoD Sector for Material Resources and the Section for zoonoses of the Serbian Medical Society was held at ‘Omorika (spruce) hotel on the Tara mountain. More than 200 experts of veterinary and humane medicine, university professors and the most important representatives of the Veterinary Services from Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Germany took part in the symposium. It was opened by the head of the Military Medical Academy Maj.Gen. Prof. Miodrag Jevtic, MD, PhD who said that fight against zoonoses, diseases of humans and animals, out of which many have been found to be on the list of potential biological agents, represents the imperative that humanity survives and joint mission as well of both military and civilian health services and representatives of humane and veterinary medicine. He also stressed that the Military Medical Academy might serve as an example of the importance of multidisciplinary and team work, adding that its experts were ready to give their full contribution to combating bioterrorism, what they had already proved by taking a creative part in that symposium.

In the course of the symposium, the MMA participants delivered a certain number of lectures on medical protection against biological agents and bioterrorism, natural focus of infection, diagnosis and prophylaxis of zoonotic infections.

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