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20. 12. 2022

Urologists of the Military Medical Academy organized a two-day training with the aim of training in the field of modern surgical treatment - laparoscopic approach.
During the two days of the surgical program, five surgeries were successfully performed using the minimally invasive method. Two pyeloplasties, one nephrectomy (kidney removal), one partial nephrectomy, and one prostate cancer operations were performed. With the help of advanced surgical techniques, patients spent twice as less time in hospital treatment than after open surgery, without blood replacement and with minimal use of analgesics (painkillers). The general characteristic of laparoscopy is that, in addition to greater comfort, patients after surgery go to home recovery in a short period of time, which significantly reduces the risk of infections and they return to regular life activities very quickly, which was the case this time as well.
The training was designed to practice donor nephrectomy, an innovative method that is considered a standard in all world health centers, requires exceptional experience in the laparoscopic approach, but also additionally strengthens the living transplantation program.
The presence of experienced educators from Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and hospitals in Serbia, where this method tends to develop, was organized for the sake of new knowledge and work principles. After this education, MMA urologists were introduced to all areas of laparoscopy, including working with the most modern pillar for laparoscopic surgery, as well as wireless devices for bleeding control, which once again confirmed the very important role of technology in health care, especially in the field of urology.
In the clinical practice of the MMA urologist, laparoscopic surgery has existed since 2013. In addition to the independent minimally invasive approach in the treatment of the adrenal gland, and thanks to this experience in the treatment of the prostate and kidneys, they are approaching the routine use of the most modern methods of surgical treatment.

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