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Test of Liver Fibrosis Assessment

12. 11. 2013

A scientific meeting covering clinical, laboratory and therapeutic aspects of liver fibrosis was held at the Military Medical Academy under the organization of the MMA Institute of Medical Research.
Lectures were delivered by the Head of the MMA Institute of Medical Research Col. Asst. Prof. Dr. Janko Pejovic, Head of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropic Diseases Col. Prof. Dr. Darko Nozic, Prof. Dr. Zoran Mijuskovic, Prof. Dr. Darko Mirkovic, Dr. Irina Brcerevic and Research Associate Mr. Vesna Subota who presented the topics related to the liver fibrosis mechanisms, chronic viral infections as possible predictors, new biomarkers- ELF score as well as the comparation of ELF score and liver biopsy in assessment of liver fibrosis stages.
The ELF test is new, well-standardized and highly automated laboratory test. It combines three serum biomarkers as integral components making extracellular matrix during fibrogenesis and fibrinolysis process. Total score of logarithm concentration values (ng/ml) makes the algorithm, measured to create an ELF score. ELF score results are representing numeric values which can be compared to the fibrosis stage values determined by liver biopsy.
The aim of mentioned continuous education was the presentation of non-invasive ELF test preliminary results obtained at the MMA Institute of Medical Research. The assessment was supported by the Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Clinic for Infectious and Tropic Diseases concerning its replacement by the other invasive detection methods and evaluation of hepatic fibrosis stage.

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