The MMA in 2010 – Results, Recognitions and Vision

28. 01. 2011

Belgrade, January 28, 2011. –   ‘’In view of the achieved results and successes in the areas of treatment, education, scientific research, international cooperation, I consider the year of 2010   the most successful year of the last decade’’, the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić said at the annual meeting on the MMA’s functional capability  for the year 2010.

Present to that important meeting were the MOD State Secretary for Military Health, Dr. Zoran Vesić, Brigadier General Assist. Prof. Dr. Veljko Todorović, the head of the  Military Health Department, representatives of the Serbian MOD and AF GS departments, the Military Academy, Niš and Novi Sad healthcare facilities as well as the  Belgrade Center of Military Medical Institutions .

‘’There have been so many achieved goals and  accomplishments, of which I would like to single out the increase in the number of medical services rendered in relevant fields of medicine, ranging from 10 to 20 percent.  Since March last year, we operate as the Emergency Center of the Serbian medicine. We take this  responsibility of ours  as well as all our obligations deriving from the functional integration into the National Public Health System very seriously, without neglecting, even for a second, our priorities, that is the health care for military patient population’’, General Jevtić said.

‘’We have recertified the ISO quality standards and established very successful cooperative relationships with all medical schools in our country. We are marking two years of operation of the MMA’s School of Advanced Studies with achieved good results. Over the last year, the two Classes of officers of the Medical and Veterinary Services completed the Reserve Officers School. Participation of the MMA’s members in the peacekeeping missions in Chad and DR Congo have also marked the activities of our institution and, once again, proved that, when it comes to involvement in all international activities, our Ministry of Defense can rightly and with dignity count Military Medical Services personnel. Within that area, we have established very fruitful military medical cooperation with many European and world countries, and hosted 17 high ranking delegations’’, General Jevtić stressed. In his review, he gave a retrospective look as well at successful cooperative relations with the representatives of economic, public and cultural life of Serbia

‘’Professional development of our employees and technological renewal of our institution are given special attention and strongly supported by our Ministry of Defense, and therefore, those two activities have already been  anticipated by  our investment plans for the future’’, General Jevtić said. He reminded that the achieved results were crowned with numerous awards and recognitions, of which he singled out the ‘Sun Clock’ prize awarded to the best healthcare institution of the Year 2010’’, the MMA’s head said.

 ‘’Our obligation for today is to critically review everything we were doing and did over the last year, but to adopt as well the vision for the current year and the following period, for everything the MMA should do to justify the position it occupies within the Defense System, and the trust and reputation it enjoys in our country and far beyond its borders, the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić said.
The State Secretary for Military Health, Dr. Zoran Vesić assessed that the last year was very successful for the MMA and the Military Medical Services in general, primarily thanks to the investments into the equipment and personnel as well as to numerous functional accommodations and modifications that contributed to raising the efficacy of our Military Medical Services.

 The position of the MMA hasn’t been called into question any more as it used to be 5 to 6 years ago. A period has been put to it. The MMA is now an integral part of the Ministry of Defense, and our Military Medical System is recognized in both Europe and the world’’ Dr. Zoran Vesić said. In his speech, he gave a special mention to the MMA’s School of Advanced Studies, which is expected to formally become the Medical School of the already accredited Defense University.

Cooperation with the Civil Sector is also considered very crucial. Functional integration of the MMA into the network of healthcare institutions in Serbia helps for several reasons: it offers more diverse pathology and possibility to fill a part of empty beds, and, what is most important, it ensures an additional source of finance to be used to further  equip the MMA and other military medical facilities,  and provide as well advanced training for medical personnel’’,   Mr. Vesić said.
The State Secretary also said that the creation of an integrated healthcare information system within the Armed Forces started in December last year, and announced that it was expected to be completed until the end of 2012.
The members of the MMA’S Board of Heads, the heads of the Groups of clinics and institutes, the dean of the MMA’s Advanced School, the Commander of the Reserve Officers School, and the representative of the quality control management team reported on the achieved results and the functioning of the Military Medical Academy in 2010 as well as the plans on its further operation and progress within their respective areas of responsibility. An active part in the meeting was taken by the heads of all MMA’s    organizational units. 

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