The 60th anniversary of the Serbian Armed Forces Outpatient Specialist Services

28. 11. 2008

Belgrade, November 28 - The official ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the existence of the Serbian Armed Forces Outpatient Specialist Services was organized at the Military Medical Academy.
Outpatient Specialist Clinic was established in 1948 as a part of the Main Military Hospital of the Yugoslav Army. Its first head was Col. Dr Andrija Dejak, later promoted into the rank of Major General. ‘’The Clinic changed its name several times through the years of operation but continued to serve the same purpose. In the late 2005, a powerful Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic was founded as a result of our efforts to improve the quality of services and the efficiency of outpatient treatment of both military and civilian patients from our country and our expatiates living and working worldwide as well as to find new organizational solutions to that problem’ said the head of the MMA Morale and Public Relations Department Dr Elizabeta Ristanović in her opening speech.

The head of the Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic Col. Prof. Dr Đoko Maksić reminded the present of the development path of the Outpatient Specialist Service, its organizational structure and the achieved results. ‘Since 1948 till nowadays, the Outpatient Specialist Clinic conducted more than 20 million of specialist examinations. Having founded the Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic by merging 51 specialist wards and 11 functional diagnostic units and by adding new organizational structures to its roster such as the Same Day Surgery Center and Outpatient Ward for Diaspora we have considerably improved the work of this Service. The Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic offers, within its morning hours of operation, wide range of services including specialist exams, laboratory tests and various diagnostic methods to about 1500 outpatients. Thus, this MMA organizational unit serves its main purpose i.e. provision of simple, efficient, rational and high quality diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services to all our patients’ said Prof. Maksić.

Every year, the Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic carries out more than 350.000 sub specialist and specialist examinations, performs 150.000 specialist procedures and around 100.000 diagnostic interventions as well as 7.500 surgeries within the Same Day Surgery Center.
Addressing the present members of the Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic, the guests from military and civilian health care centers, representatives of the respective Health Insurance companies and numerous business partners, the MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić said that the Military Medical Academy is very proud of Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic as its largest organizational unit, but stressed that there is still room for further improvements in the fields of work, organization and efficiency of this Service.

‘Upon a short period of stagnation, we have put our Outpatient Specialist Service back in the path of further development and improvement. This Center admits about 3.000 -3.5000 patients each day, nearly 25 % of all the patients visiting the MMA’ pointed out General Jevtić. He also added that it was necessary to have all the specialists, top experts, renowned professors and assistant professors involved in the work of not only MMA clinics but wards of the Outpatient Diagnostic Center as to be able to establish direct contact with patients who, apart from medicine, need a kind word and understanding. The MMA doctors are supposed to demonstrate through their work and examples, as bound by their precursors, their commitment to quality patient care in terms of their admission, diagnostic and therapeutic treatment and monitoring of the treatment effects. By his opinion, a physician is not a physician if he/she is not a humanist in the broadest sense, and modern medicine does not mean the state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified experts only but recognition of man’s personality as well. ‘‘I expect to see the operation of this Service largely improved in the future, all patients properly treated immediately upon their admission to MMA and so-called waiting lists much shorter or cancelled’ said General Jevtić. ‘’The concept of the same day treatment and diagnostic care including the same day surgery is the imperative of contemporary world and a modern standard of top medicine. That is the reason we have opened the Same Day Surgery Center within the framework of the Outpatient Diagnostic Center, where about 30 % of all surgical procedures are performed. But we consider that percentage should be much higher’ said General Jevtić who run this Service in the period from 2003 to 2005.

The head of the MoD Health Department Brigadier General Prof. Dr Veljko Todorović congratulated the employees of the Outpatient Diagnostic Center on that occasion wishing them a lot of success in their further work. He said that that organizational unit was not only the largest but the most successful of all the MMA units and, therefore, unavoidable link in the chain of treatment between the primary and tertiary level of care.
On the occasion of that jubilee, the MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić awarded the most successful physicians and medical technicians of the Outpatient Diagnostic Center and presented special plaques for successful collaboration in the field of treatment of military and civilian insured and great contribution to the development of Serbian military medicine to the Military Social Insurance Fund, Belgrade Branch Office of the National Institute of Public Health, the Military Retirees Association, Niš Military Hospital, Belgrade Center of the Military Medical Institutions and Novi Sad Military Medical Center. 

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