The Best at the European Rhinology Congress

22. 06. 2008

Belgrade, June 22 - LtCol Aleksandar Ljubičić, MD is the author and Major Aleksandar Perić, MD, LtCol Milanko Milojević, MD and Major Ljubomir Pavičević, MD from MMA Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology are co-authors of the paper titled ‘Esthetic Rhinoplasty with and without septoplasty’ which was selected as the best presentation at the 22nd European Rhinology Congress and 27th International Symposium on infections and allergies of the nose held on Crete on June 15-19, 2008.

A 10-year study of a patient population with nose deformities who were surgically treated at the Military Medical Academy and in which a considerable percentage of patients had, apart from esthetic nose problems, a functional disorder – irregular breathing pattern due to the deviated septum leads to conclusion that one of the members of a surgical team for esthetic nose surgeries should be an expert qualified for corrections of septal deviation.  

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