The First Class for the MMA’s students

28. 09. 2009

Belgrade, September 28- The first lecture to the first-year medical students of the MMA’s Advanced School, which had officially started today, was given by the MMA’s Head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić.
Having completed a monthly military medical training, the first-year students of the Military Medicine joined by two cadets from Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska, started their first class with detailed introduction into the study program and obligations they were to undertake.
Addressing the students, General Jevtić said that the MMA’s students would have the opportunity to gain knowledge in one of the most advanced healthcare facilities in the Balkans, to be taught by top experts, to use the latest medical literature, and learn in the pleasant working atmosphere and the climate of healthy competition.
‘’This is a great day for the Military Medical Academy, all its members and generations of those who have devoted themselves to building this house and all those who would come after us. I want all of you to become leaders of Serbian Medicine, professors and teachers, as well as managers and top officers capable to respond to challenges of daily life’, said General Jevtić.
He stressed that the MMA’s students would be offered education according to the world standards and strict criteria. However, they were expected to learn hard and their grades would reflect the level and quality of acquired knowledge.
‘’We have assessed that the work in small groups is the best precondition for acquiring quality knowledge. Therefore, only a small number of students is eligible to enroll and that is the number that should meet the Defence System requirements.
‘’From the very beginning, each student would be assigned a mentor who would foster him/her if he/she encounters any problem or obstacle, encourage him/her to go on if he/she gets tired advise him/her whenever he/she needs it, and incite him/her to strive to be much better and do more after each success’’, said General Jevtić and added that the MMA’s experts would do their best to teach students analytical skills, diagnostic and therapeutic methods and help them understand the importance of medical education in the management of health problems.
’’Our goal is to teach you that respect for the patient’s personality could be demonstrated the best through communication behaviors which is considered to be equally important when their colleagues and other health institutions are concerned. To those who would show an interest in scientific work, we would open the doors of our laboratories and introduce them into the skills of scientific methods as well as skills required for presentation of the achieved results’’, said General and reminded that the study program of the Integrated Academic Medical Studies included 34 different obligatory and the same number of elective subjects.
‘’I want you to work hard, achieve excellent results and be highly motivated in promoting and safeguarding the health. You have chosen to study medicine, but at the same time to master specifics of the military medicine and get to know the military life. You would thus pay your depth to your country and the Armed Forces in the noblest way. You also have a full support of the Military Medical Academy and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia which has ensured all the conditions for successful medical studies and predictable professional career’’. Good luck’’, said General Jevtić to the students at the end of their first class.
The dean of the MMA’s Advanced Education School, Academician Prof. Dr Miodrag Čolić presented the curriculum in details to the students and introduced them to the teachers of the subjects that would be taught in the first year. The students were also informed about their rights and obligations, and, in the end, they got their books and school accessories.


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