The House of Health for Serbian Sportsmen

31. 01. 2011

Belgrade, January 31, 2011. – Signing of the Protocol on Cooperation between the Military Medical Academy and the Olympic Committee of Serbia, offers all winners of national recognitions, sportsmen who have won medals at the Olympic Games, European and World Championships, representing, thus, their country in the best possible way,    the possibility to undergo systematic and specialist examinations at the MMA. The Protocol designed to practically improve and promote the health care for our meritorious sportsmen was signed by the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and the Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Mr. Vlade Divac.
‘’Top sportsmen of Serbia are promoters of the most valuable possession of Serbia, and the MMA is a national treasure and the seat of health. You win prizes in sports competitions and carry the glory and reputation of our country to the world. Our mission is to win the most sacred battle of saving a human life, and to promote as well human health using methods of modern medicine. We have realized that we have to join our efforts in taking the road towards that goal, and that is the reason for initiating today cooperation aimed at strengthening health and supporting the top sport. We are here to help preventively, in the first place, and in any other way if required, our sports legends stay health’’, General Jevtić said in his welcome address to the delegation of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, which, apart from its chairman, was composed of the Secretary General Đorđe Višacki and Mr. Đorđe Perišić, as well as the representatives of the Association of National Award Winners Mrs. Svetlana Ceca Kitić and Ljiljana Stanojević
The Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Mr. Vlade Divac said that it was one nice example more showing how the state helped the aces and thanked the MMA’s employees who would take a good care of the health of our sportsmen. ‘’It is important to say that this may serve as a message to younger generations of sportsmen, saying that there is someone who would care for them even after their sports career is over. There are many sportsmen who, during their career in sports, have suffered severe or mild injuries, and it is, surely, very important to know that the top MMA’s experts would take a good care of their health in the future. We sportsmen have our sport houses, but today, we have got our house of health’’, Mr. Vlade Divac said.
Addressing all present at that event, Mrs. Svetlana Ceca Kitić, a handball player, said on behalf of the Association of National Award Winners, that that cooperation would be valuable to our legends in sports, for there is nothing worthier than health. I sincerely hope that other institutions would follow the example of the Military Medical Academy’’, Mrs. Svetlana  Kitić said.

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