The Latest Achievements in the Field of Reconstructive Microsurgery Presented at the Military Medical Academy

19. 10. 2011

Organized by the Serbian Medical Chamber, the Conference devoted to the ‘’Days of Serbian Medical Diaspora 2011’’ hosted the Reconstructive Surgery Course, held at the Military Medical Academy. It was moderated by the MMA’s head, Col. Prof. Dr. Marijan Novaković.
At the Course opening ceremony, the MMA’s head, Col. Prof. Dr. Novaković, warmly welcomed all the guests among who there were the director of the Serbian Medical Chamber, dr sci med Tatjana Radosavljević, prim, and the Academician Vladimir Kanjuh.
The Course lecturers prof.dr. Milan Stevanović (USA), Prof. Dr Milomir Ninković (Germany), Prof. Dr Nebojša Rajačić (Kuwait), Prof. Dr Milan Knežević (Spain), Col. Prof. Dr Marijan Novaković (Serbia) and primarius doctor Vesna Jovanović (Serbia) presented the latest achievements and their experiences gained in the field of reconstructive microsurgery
Prof. Dr. Milan Stevanović presented the possibilities of upper extremity reconstruction with microvascular spinal muscle transplantion. Presenting the possibilities of reconstructive microsurgery, Prof. Dr Milomir Ninković emphasized a great importance of using microsurgical technique for reconstruction of hand function. Prof. Dr Nebojša Rajačić presented his findings on the possibilities of using the anterior thigh flap in reconstructive surgery. Prof. Dr Milan Knežević focused on the possibilities of reconstructive microsurgery in surgical treatment of craniosinostosis. Emphasing the importance of knowing the anatomical-functional-surgical characteristics of the latissimus dorsi flap, Col. Prof. Dr Marijan Novaković presented morphological-functional possibilities of using this flap for covering defects in various locations, restoring contour defects of the extremities as well as in reconstructive-cosmetic procedures. Primarius doctor Vesna Jovanović presented the Ilisar method used for the management of open leg fractures.
Among the attendees of the Course, there were physicians of diverse specialties from the Military Medical Academy and healthcare facilities in Serbia.

The lectures were followed by the evaluation questions in the form of a written test designed for physicians to identify the level of acquired new knowledge.
The Course itself was of a great educational importance, which was reflected through sharing the experience among our surgeons dealing with reconstructive microsurgery throughout the world. 

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