The MMA project in the Program PRISMA

09. 10. 2023

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is funding a project for the first time, which is managed by a researcher from the Ministry of Defence and which is being implemented in its entirety at the MMA, i.e. the Medical Faculty of the MMA of the University of Defence.
"Detection and quantification of residual disease in patients with high-risk and advanced melanoma as a marker of therapy response and prognosis" (ReDiMEL) is included in the 97 approved scientific research projects of the PRISMA Program of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia. The project is managed by Prof. Dr. Lidija Kandolf, specialist in dermatovenerology and oncology of the MMA, one of the leading experts in the field of malignant melanoma in our country. This project will be implemented jointly by the doctors of the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases of the MMA - Prof. Dr. Željko Mijušković, dermatovenerologist and oncologist, assistant Dr. Tanja Tirnanić, dermatovenerologist and trainee researcher, Dr. Branko Dujović, doctor specializing in dermatovenerology, as well as members of the Center for Clinical Pharmacology of the MMA - prof. Dr. Viktorija Dragojević Simić, clinical pharmacologist; senior research associate Dr. Bojana Cikota-Aleksić, geneticist; Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Kovačević, pharmacist specialist; senior research associate asst. Dr. Nemanja Rančić, pharmacologist and radiologist, and assistant Milijana Miljković, clinical pharmacologist.
660 project proposals were submitted to the PRISMA Program competition, and through a very competitive selection process, conducted by foreign scientific experts, 97 best-ranked projects were selected, 14 of which were from the field of biomedicine. 898 scientists from 91 scientific research organizations in Serbia will participate in the projects.
More information about the PRISMA Program can be found on the website of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

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