The MMA’s Successes Achieved at the National and International Scene

14. 10. 2009

 Belgrade, October 14 –The MMA’s experts successfully presents their professional and scientific achievements at the national and international scene, thus affirming Serbian medicine.
At the European Immunology Congress recently held in Berlin under the motto ‘’Immunity for Life-Immunology for Health’’, a team of our experts led by the Academician Col. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Čolić presented ten papers on the study of dendritic cells as potential tumor vaccines, immunoregulation and mechanisms controlling inflammation processes and the wound healing process. All the presented papers had a clear scientific message, were original and actual in terms of work methodology and achieved results, and many of them were published in international magazines with the greatest impact.factor. Over 5000 experts from more than 70 countries in Europe and the world took a part at the Congress. The MMA’s team had the opportunity to share the results of their studies with their foreign colleagues and present as well in the best possible way our institution and the directions of contemporary scientific studies in the field of immunology and affiliated disciplines. Col. Prof. Čolić, who, during the Congress, presided over one of the sessions devoted to immunobiology of dendritic cells, was invited to participate as a lecturer on call at the 14th World Immunology Congress to be held in Japan next year.
The MMA’s neurologists presented their results and experiences at the internationally attended 5th Joint Meeting of Neurology Sections of the Serbian Medical Society and Montenegrian Physician Association which was held in Petrovac na moru at the end of the last month.
Eminent lecturers from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Litvania took part in the work of the Congress, and the latest findings in the shere of brain stroke, multiplesclerosos, parkinsonian disease, epilepsy and polyneuroathy were considered and discussed.
In the capacity of the organizer, Col. Prof. Dr. Ranko Raičević, the head of the MMA’s Neurology Clinic and the president of the Serbian Medical Society’s Neurology Section, delivered a notable lecture. The outstanding job of delivering lectures was also done by our neurologists: LtCol. Assist. Dr. Toplica Lepić, Assist. Prof. Dr. Evica Dinčić, Assist. Prof. Dr. Vesna Martić, Assist. Prof. Dr. Dragana Obradović, Assist. Dr. Snežana Stanković, MS, and Jelica Veličković, MD.
The participation of the MMA’s members at the scientific- professional meeting devoted to the defence technologies ’’OTEH 2009’’ held in Belgrade, October 8to9, was outstanding. Within the framework of the Section on ’’Medicine in the Defence System’’, lectures were presented by our experts:Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić, Military Employee, Assist. Prof. Dr. Vesna Šuljagić, LtCol. Miodrag Jovanović, MD, Military Employee, Dr Ljiljana Janković-Manduić, MS, and Captain Đorđe Vukmirović, MD.
The head of the MMA’s Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić delivered a lecture on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - sudden heart seizure in sportsmen and presented the latest findings relating to the causes of a sudden heart seizure which may result from intensive physical activity as well as the ways of giving the immediate first aid in such cases.
The Head of the MMA’s Department for Prevention of Nosocomial Infections, a military employee, Assist. Prof. Dr. Vesna Šuljagić presented the Program for Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infections caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among the members of the Serbian Armed Forces. A film containing all HIV related relevant factors, ways of HIV transmission and protection all that presented in a popular way, followed the Program.
LtCol. Dr. Miodrag Jovanović from the MMA’s Poison Control center introduced the present to the meeting into the organization and main missions of the mobile Center’s Chemical-Toxicological Squad, and through concrete examples demonstrated its engagement in managing chemical accidents.
A military employees Ljiljana Janković-Manduić, MS and Capt. Đorđe Vukmirović, MD, experts from the Occupational Medicine Institute of the MMA’s Preventive Medicine Sector presented through their lectures on ‘’Radiation risk due to the exposure of the urban population in Serbia to the natural radionuclides’’ and ‘’Application of capilaroscopy for early diagnosis of occupational diseases among the active-service members of the Serbian Armed Forces’’ a wide array of activities of the members of this Institute, which serves not only the military but civilian population of Serbia as well.

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