The Military Medical Academy won the gold medal at the Universiade

17. 07. 2009

Belgrade, July 17 – ‘’Successful people do not praise themselves, the results of their actions speak louder than words’ said the head of the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić in his address to the medical personnel engaged in providing medical support to the Universiade 2009. 

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia headed by the State Secretary Zoran Jeftić and the members of the Universiade Organizing Committee, Tamara Koštro i Ranko Tepavčević.

On that occasion, General Jevtić said the following as well:
‘’Dear colleagues, you who proved to be extremely versatile!
One of the largest world’s sports events hosted by Serbia this year and medically supported by MMA has just been closed. Our team led by Col. Hajduković accomplished their mission in a highly professional way, dutifully and devotedly. As the MMA’s head, I am rating them with the highest mark - 10.
Here is our gold medal won at the Universiade. Let’s hear the appraisals of the officials:

The president of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) George Kilian said to the Serbian media that the medical support provided to this sports event was at the extremely high level. ‘’It is one of the most important aspects of the Universiade system. I would like to congratulate the Military Medical Academy on the excellence in providing good health care for the Unversiade participants’’, said Kilian.

The FISU Secretary General, Eric Santron congratulated the MMA as well, stressing that the Medical Center in Belville had met the highest world standards.
‘’I am pleasantly surprised with the way the MMA’s Polyclinic in the University Village has been equipped and operated. It is the best polyclinic we have ever had during all the universiades. Reaction of people is also extremely positive’’, said Santron.

Dr. Lawrence Donald Rink, the president of the FISU Medical Committee thanked the MMA’s Management and its medical staff for all the efforts they put in providing medical support to the Universiade 2009.
‘’ We are extremely contented with the cooperation we have established with the Military Medical Academy. I am congratulating you on excellent organization, demonstrated high standards and professionalism’’, said Dr. Rink to me during his visit to the MMA.
Should anything else be added? The only thing I would like to stress on this occasion is the fact that we have made too many friends. The echo of MMA’s contributions, capacities, our strength, knowledge and capabilities would resound through the world. The MMA’s reputation and the confidence of people in Serbia have been considerably improved. Everyone talk about the hospitality and friendly MMA’s staff. Our patients, sportsman and the wide public understood our massage to the Unversiade

My congratulations to Col. Hajduković, Dr Starčević, Assist. Prof. Lazić, Dr Čikiriz, and all those who have demonstrated the strength of the collective. It would take me too much time to call all of b y your names. Once again, we all have shown to the domestic and world’s public through our actions that we are the actors of our destiny and that we would possess only what we acquire ourselves.

The Military Medical Academy won the gold medal at the Universiade, and you have signified to everyone that the MMA is our house here in Crnotravska St, in Belville or in any part of our country, and the world as well, where its interests are to be defended and represented. That is what our colleagues in Chad are doing. If the house is a symbol of our wish to identify ourselves, then the proven identification with the institution is a crucial element in preserving and developing our Military Medical Academy. Cheers!

The State Secretary of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Defence, Zoran Jeftić congratulated the MMA’s staff members on their engagement. ’’You have shown to the world what our Serbia is capable of. All members of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Serbia engaged in the Universade accomplished their missions responsibly and professionally. The echo of that is proudly resounding through the planet, and the Ministry of Defence has already started to receive proposals for cooperation and exchange of experience in providing medical support to big sporting events. They are also interested in other forms of cooperation as well. Be proud of being a part of this gold team led by General Jevtić. Continue that way. You have the full support of the Ministry of Defence’’ said Mr.Jeftić.

Colonel Assist. Prof. Dr. Zoran Hajduković, a coordinator of the MMA’s activities during the Universiade, summarized the results of the MMA’s medical personnel engagement.
‘’ The Polyclinic based in the University village preformed 6007 specialist examinations and procedures; 608 examinations were carried out at the competition venues in Belgrade. During the duration of Universiade, there were 22 suspected cases of A/H1N1 flu virus reported, all of which were referred to the MMA’s Infectious Diseases Clinic for hospital treatment. Six cases were confirmed to be positive, and all the infected were, upon successful treatment, discharged from the hospital. The Hygiene Institute of the Preventive Medicine Sector was constantly active in controlling the quality of food and water in pools. The MMA’s Laundry Service washed 58000 kg of laundry, and the MMA’s drivers covered 30.300 km during the Universiade. All other engaged personnel did the brilliant work, and once again, I would like to give you thanks for everything you’ve done’ said Colonel Hajduković.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Zoran Jeftić presented the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić with the special Letter of Thanks for contribution the Military Medical Academy made to the organization of Universiade. Letters of Thanks were also awarded to all MMA’s medical team members for their great contribution to this sports event ‘’that marked the world university sport and presented Serbia in a whole light to the entire planet’’.


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