The Rail Employees of the National Railway Company Donated Blood

25. 01. 2012

The National Railway Association of the voluntary blood donors organized in close coordination with the MMA Transfusiology Institute the blood donation campaign that took place in the Celebration Hall of the Belgrade Railway Station, on January 24, 2012. On that occasion, as many as 60 units of blood were collected from the railway workers.

This campaign is the continuation of the 5-year successful cooperative relationship with Voluntary Blood Donor Associations of the National Public Railway Company. Over that 5-year period, several hundreds of liters of blood were collected through campaigns organized and run in Belgrade, Novi Sad, on Zlatibor and in Mokra Gora, while, the number of voluntary blood donors among the railway employees, who gave blood to help patients treated at the Military Medical Academy, reached 426 in 2011.

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