The Results the MMA Achieved in 2011

25. 01. 2012

The most significant results achieved in 2011, challenges faced at work and plans for the following period were presented and analyzed at the regular annual meeting on the MMA’s functional capacity evaluation, held on January 24, 2012,

The MMA’s head, Brig.Gen. Prof. Dr. Marijan Novaković said that, on the basis of the results presented by his associates, it could be concluded that the previous year was very successful as far as the MMA was concerned. The MMA made some strides in almost every area of its operation.

As for technical renovation, putting the Hyperbaric Chamber and a new Angiography Room into operation, the procurement of a linear accelerator machine and a neurosurgical microscope deserved to be mentioned.

Another area that saw significant advancement was the area of education The MMA Medical School of the Defense University was accredited, and, this year, it would admit its forth cohort of cadets who would enroll in its 6-year military medical degree program. In addition to that, the group of 15 Algerian military physicians began their advanced medical training at various levels and in different areas at the Military Medical Academy. Its magazine ‘’the Military Medical Review’’ got its first impact factor.

The Solid Organ Transplantation Center was established to ensure the better coordination of that process. There was also successful recertification of MMA’s quality management system in accordance with ISO quality standards, ect.

‘’However, what still remains to be the MMA’s most important responsibility is to work on continuous raising and improvement of the quality of health services provided by this hospital, for all those results make sense if they are confirmed by the users of those health services’’, General Novaković said.


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