The Veterinary Service Day marked

01. 11. 2022

Head of the Military Health Department, Brigadier General Radivoje Anđelković PhD in vet medicine and the head of the MMA, colonel prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević with members of the collegium attended the celebration of the Veterinary Service Day held at the Military Medical Academy.
Brigadier General.in his address, Radivoje Anđelković PhD in Vet Medicine mentioned that, in addition to the priority of development of the veterinary service in the form of technical and technological modernization, investment in the training of staff is certainly necessary in order to continue active participation in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces. He emphasized that the international environment and changes in the world dictate the importance of the service for the defense system, especially taking into account the challenges related to participation in peace missions, the tasks of eliminating the consequences of emergency situations in the country and preventing the occurrence of agro and bioterrorism.
On behalf of the highest expert authority of the veterinary service in the defense system - the Department for Veterinary Protection of the Military Health Department, Colonel Branislav Stojanović, PhD in vet medicine said that from the creation of the service until today, a large number of veterinary personnel have passed through the service, each generation of which has left a special mark. He emphasized that the military veterinary service today represents a reliable support for military logistics, and by performing tasks in the field of veterinary activity, it makes a significant contribution to building the operational capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.
On behalf of the Veterinary Service Center, which is celebrating its jubilee today - 75 years of existence, the audience was addressed by Lt. Col. M.Sc. Vet. Nenad Jovanovic. In addition to the details of the history of the Center founded in 1947, when the training of active and reserve officers began, he spoke about the training of reserve officer classes and the duties of the Center in the training and development of members of the veterinary service.
Veterinary Service Day is commemorated on November 1, 1851, when the military veterinary service was established in the Serbian army and Jovan Teodorović from Novi Sad was appointed as the first military vet by decree of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević.

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