The World Glaucoma Week

19. 03. 2010

Belgrade, March 19, 2010 – The MMA’s ophthalmologists has given their full contribution to the World Glaucoma Week being observed every year on March 08-12. On that occasion, an eye pressure measurement campaign was conducted at the Military Medical Academy for all citizens concerned about that. A significant percentage of several tents of tested patients were identified as having high eye pressure, and were sent for further diagnosis and treatment.
Glaucoma has become a global health concern. It is a severe chronic disease characterized by a pattern of intermittent or constant rise in the eye pressure, involving damage to the optic nerve and weakening of the eye sight. If not treated, glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. It is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, accounting for an estimated 6,8 million of cases of blindness. If timely detected, efficient and good therapy may help prevent glaucoma or considerably slow down further deterioration of the vision.
Don’t let the “silent thief of sight” surprise you. Visit your ophthalmologist!

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