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The delegation of the Academy of Medical Sciences at the Congress of Military Medicine

22. 04. 2024

Head of the Military Medical Academy, Colonel Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević, and colleagues participated in the 6th Pan-European Congress of Military Medicine held from April 16 to 19, 2024 in Athens, Republic of Greece.
With a lecture by Prof. Vukosavljević, PhD, and Nenad Petrović, PhD, on decades of experience in the care and treatment of penetrating eye injuries, presentations were held by Prim. Dr. Kristina Kostić from the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Military Medical Academy on the results of a study on the treatment of 71 patients with atopic dermatitis and the correlation of IgE values with the severity of the disease, as well as Dr. Ivana Krstić Lečić from the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the MMA on percutaneous dilatation tracheotomy in intensive care units. Predrag Đurić, MD, Ph.D., from the Cardiology Clinic of the Military Medical Academy, participated in one of the round tables on the topic of the influence of chronic inflammation and elevated hemostasis biomarkers on the severity of coronary and carotid artery disease.
The meeting of representatives of the military medical services, which was held for the first time in Greece, was an opportunity to exchange the latest knowledge and experiences from various branches of medical science, scientific and academic knowledge. Representing the military medical services of the participating countries, the conference was attended by 491 delegates from 16 countries, 172 papers were presented through 115 lectures at 12 round tables, 20 oral presentations, five lectures, and 32 poster presentations, covering a wide range of medical topics.
The International Committee for Military Medicine - ICMM, since its establishment in 1921 until today, functions as a platform for the cooperation of the participating countries, bringing together the world's military medical services. Activities are realized through annual meetings of the president of the military medical services, congresses of military medicine, as well as through the work of several medical branches and regional organizations. In the field of military medicine, ICMM is recognized as one of the most important organizations at the world level, in which the MMA takes a very active part.

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