“Three Minutes that Can Save Your Life” Military Medical Academy in the Campaign against Cervical Cancer

23. 05. 2012

 The Republic of Serbia counts the biggest number of the women diagnosed with cervical cancer in Europe and each day one of them die from the disease. The sad fact is that none of these women would die if they had done regular gynecology examinations to prevent it. Epidemiological studies confirm that over 80% of the patients died from this disease haven’t visited their gynecologist for more than 5 years. Unfortunately, each fifth woman in Serbia attends regularly her gynecology controls which are the main reason for this kind of statistics. This population can not be convinced by the society, medical workers, media, and national programs to carry out the examination. Is there someone who can? Only those people who love them the most: husband, mother or father, son or daughter, cousins, godmother, friend, ... That is the reason why our campaign for its center has love. Love means respect and connection, and always concern and responsibility and all who sincerely love someone must ask their self a question if they really have been enough careful and responsible to their beloved ones. In this particular case, their mission is to convince female persons to make gynecology examinations.
Your responsibility-Your success
This campaign gives you the possibility to find one female person who hasn’t visited her gynecologist for three or more years and persuade her to make control check-up. In that way your act will be much more valuable then all later medical procedures and you will truly save one’s life.
Our responsibility-Your success
The MMA’s campaign “Three Minutes that Can Save Your Life” includes free Pap test and digitalized computer colposcopy for all patients from May 28 to June 1, 2012.
The patients can seek these service, but a timely appointment scheduled through the Appointment Office is required (Tel. +38164 87 43 102, every working day from 12.00 a.m.-03.00 p.m. concluded on May 25, 2012) or sent by e-mail to ooj@vma.mod.gov.rs.

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