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Traditional visit of students from Europe

18. 10. 2017

Students of the final year of vocational medical schools from Spain and Switzerland visited the Military Medical Academy as a teaching base for the European Nursing Module Network (ENM).
The Head of the MMA’s Sector for Education and Scientific Research, Colonel Dr. Miroslav Brocic, and the team of medical technicians led by the Head Nurse of the MMA Verica Milovanovic welcomed the students. At the introductory meeting, Colonel Dr. Brocic pointed out that the MMA had many years of experience in the exchange of experts of various profiles and told students that their stay at the MMA and insight into the clinical work and organization of the military healthcare institution could be of significant benefit when deciding on further medical training.
During a regular annual visit to the Military Medical Academy, students had the opportunity to get to know the MMA’s organizational units through day-to-day clinical practice and regular duties and activities of medical staff.

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