Universal Values in the Service of Health

13. 01. 2010

Belgrade, January 13, 2010 – The exhibition of paintings dedicated to the monastery of Hilandar was opened in the MMA’s gallery in the presence of a large number of the MMA’s members and representatives of Serbian culture life.
‘’Religion, health and art are inseparable categories in an eternal search for human’s spiritual identity and the full sense of existence. Therefore, it is nothing strange that the first Serbian hospitals and schools as well were set up in monastic settings. Hospitals within the monasteries of Hilandar and Studenica, established at the time of creating a medieval Serbian state and the struggle for the autocephality of our church, were the springs serving as beneficial health resorts for individuals with impaired health’’, said the head of the MMA’s Morale and Public Relations Department, Research Fellow, Dr. Elizabeta Ristanović in her speech at the exhibition opening ceremony.
‘’Our house of health is today a place where the seed of human estrangement does not germ, where we, apart from technological progress and state-of-the-art equipment as well as the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, use the most simplest tools of the human soul-words, talk and rapport to bring back, very often, the hope to the people, enlighten the certainty, and teach them to set themselves free from the darkness inside them. And, here again, it brings Churches and hospitals together in their joint mission of strengthening the forces of human spirit which are, most often, the imperative of physical health. If coupled with the art which is meant to make a human life nicer, we have here one reason more to be pleased for having such an opportunity to show once more by opening today this exhibition that our Military Medical Academy is the temple devoted to a human in sickness and in health, not only to the phenomena of a disease’’, pointed out Dr. Ristanović.
She also mentioned that within such its efforts, the Military Medical Academy opened its doors wide to all kinds of the products of human spirit.
‘’We want all of you, particularly those dedicated to a sick man to be rich and strong in spirit. Thus, we have religion and art together in the service of health and strengthening the force of spirit’’, said Dr. Ristanović convinced that the MMA would see so many more such events taking place in it in the future.
The verses of the poems „Jefimija” and „Simonida” were recited by the artist Jelena Žigon.


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