Vitamins in human nutrition at MMA

21. 03. 2012

The Institute of Hygiene of the MMA Sector for Preventive Medicine hosted a course "Presence of Vitamins in Human Nutrition" on March 20, 2012. Lecturers from MMA were Prof. Dr. Sonja Radaković with a lecture titled "Hydrosoluble Vitamins"while Assistant Professor. Dr. Slavica Rađen devoted her lecture to "Liposoluble Vitamins". Dr. Sc. Zorica Basić spoke about "Possibilities of Advanced Methods Aimed at Quantitative Determination of Nutritive Vitamins".
Course was primary aimed at providing appropriate knowledge to all medical staff in the field of vitamins and nutrition science. The special emphasis was given to new redefinition aspects of present recommendation for particular vitamin dosages, food interconnection and safe supplements application. MMA physicians pointed out to the fact that the way of life and alimentation in 21st century represent a kind of provocation for human health because people either have less options either they make serious mistakes by choosing the way of life or type of alimentation. Forgetting the moderation, many non infectious diseases appeared, as well as major need for diet intervention.
The attendees had the opportunity to listen to two more lectures, the first titled "12 Vitamins or More" given by the Dušan Obradović M.Sc from "Galenika" was illustrated in numerous examples and the second one by Assistant Professor Dr. Brižita Đorđević from the Faculty of Pharmacy who addressed the issue of thermal treatment for vitamins application in her lecture. 

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