World Hepatitis Day

20. 05. 2008

Belgrade, May 20 - Experts from the MMA Clinic for infectious and tropic diseases have taken an active    part in media campaign on marking the World Hepatitis Day. Viral hepatitis is a global medical issue causing the death of more than a million of people every year. There are over 200 000 people in our country with chronic hepatitis B and C virus infections. This severe disease occurs most frequently without onset of obvious clinical symptoms and if not timely diagnosed it might be fatal. Chronic viral hepatitis is given a great concern at the MMA. It conducts complete diagnostic procedures (liver biopsy followed by hystopathological analyses, complete viral diagnosis by the use of molecular genetic methods – determination of the number of viral particles in the blood - and   genotyping as well. The diagnosis and treatment of this disease is very crucial for the chronic patients undergoing hemodialysis, because kidney transplantation is not recommended in such cases. So, it is the imperative that an adequate antiviral therapy is to be provided for transplantation purposes. Every year, MMA diagnoses more than several hundreds of patients as having viral hepatitis and applies the most advanced therapeutic protocols for their treatment.

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