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Colorectal Cancer Treatment

28. 04. 2017

Meeting of the Gastroenterological Section of the Serbian Medical Society, organized by the Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Military Medical Academy, was held at the Military Medical Academy.
Lectures dedicated to colorectal cancer in terms of diagnostic methods were delivered by MMA gastroenterologists Dr. Zoran Petrović and Lt. Col. Doc. Nebojsa Manojlovic, while Doc. Dr. Bosko Milev from the Clinic for General Surgery MMA spoke about the laparoscopic surgical treatment.
In addition to presenting clinical features and risk factors of this disease which incidence is equal in men and women after reaching 50 years of age, it was pointed out that a large number of patients come for an examination only at the stage when the disease has progressed to metastases which greatly limits the further treatment and consultative decision about the treatment. Therefore, screening is considered one of the most important preventive steps regarding this cancer because the early detection greatly improves treatment options and patients’ survival. Also, factors for a decision making and the type of metastatic colorectal cancer surgical treatment were pointed out, as well as personalization of the treatment according to the standards and the molecular tumor types. Although technically demanding procedure that requires time, patience and a proper patient selection, all the advantages of laparoscopic surgery in cases where it is possible, along with respecting the principles of oncological surgery were presented at the meeting.

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