Endovascular Surgery at the Military Medical Academy: Three-Year Experience

29. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 29, 2010. – The MMA’s Clinic for Vascular Surgery organized a symposium devoted to Endovascular Surgery  at the Military Medical Academy, at which 3-year experience of our institution in application of endovascular surgical procedures was theoretically and practically presented.

The MMA’s head, Maj. Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić extended a warm welcome to the present to the event, among whom were the most eminent vascular surgeons from Serbia and surrounding countries, such as Prof. Dr. Lazar Davidović from the Serbian Clinical Center, Academician, Prof. Dr. Đorđe Radak from the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases ’’Dedinje’’ and Prof. Dr. Csaba Dzsinich from the Central Military Hospital of the Republic of Hungary.
As the MMA’s head, officer and a physician, and a surgeon in the first place, I am very proud and pleased to have gathered here and today nationally and  internationally renowned vascular surgeons  and   experts from Serbia and surrounding countries  with the aim of giving a retrospective look at the achievements ans reaches of endovascular surgery in our country as well as looking forward, at the prospects for  its development. As a professor, I am also  very happy to  have  here, at the Academy, a new young generation of medical students who, with our help and  support, would grow and develop into highly qualified vascular surgeons, expected to  follow the path we have traced and commit themselves to further improving and developing surgical procedures in line with the world standards’’, said General Jevtić.

During the Symposium, a plenary lecture was given by Prof. Csaba Dzsinich, who presented his experiences in the area of surgical  management of late complications of the aortic reconstruction following surgically corrected  coartication of the aorta in  childhood.

Colonel Dr. Siniša Rusović, a radiologist, AF civilian employee Dr. Jovana Obradović and Maj. Dr Ivan Marjanović, a vascular surgeon,  presented through their lectures experiences  of the Military Medical Academy gained in that field.

During the Symposium, the participants had a chance to wach, via direct interactive audio/video link  with the operating room, a live  endovascular reconstruction of abdominal aortic aneurysm, successfully performed by the MMA’s musltidisciplinary team.

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