The MMA’s School for Advanced Studies -Health Assessment for Candidates

12. 05. 2010

Belgrade, May 05, 2010 - Health Assessment for the first group of candidates prior to their admission to the MMA’s School for Advanced Studies will be carried out on May 10, 12, 14 and 15, 2010 according to the given schedule. Candidates not included in the lists would be timely informed about the dates of medical check-ups.
Candidates are obligated to report themselves to the MMA’s operations duty officer in the Central Hall of the Military Medical Academy, at 07:45h.
The candidates will need to bring their identification document, ID or passport, a pen and filled questionnaire which they will be given at submission of required documents.
On a day prior to medical check-up, candidates are recommended to eat light meals and avoid eating sweets for 12 h before examinations. Next morning before medical –check-up, they should avoid having breakfast and drink water only. 

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