Institute of Occupational Medicine  
It represents a preventive-medical and educational institution dealing with the occupational medicine and radiology protection. The principal activity of the Institute is prevention of health disorders, as well as control of professional diseases and personnel exposed to damaging factors related diseases. In addition, it carries out the activities in the field of work hygiene and estimation of the risks at workplaces and working environment.
The Institute’s expertise includes examination of workplace conditions, periodical check-ups and estimation of work ability in workplaces with higher risk, including also the persons professionally exposed to ionized radiation. Several procedures including the following are aimed at protection of ionized radiation: control of open and closed radiation sources, personal dosimeter control, radiometry food and water control, and if necessary biological materiel control.
MMA’s Information Office: +381 11 2661 122, +381 11 2662 755 
Head of the Institute: Colonel Dragan Aleksić, M.D., M.Sc.
Tel: +381 11 266 22 88
Administration Office: +381 11 360 88 91

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