The history of the Clinic dates from the late 1870 year, when Dr. Vladan Djordjevic, the first Serbian surgeon, returned to Serbia. Although, he dealt with the surgery issues for a short time, on his call arrives Dr. Roman Sondermayer. During the same 1889 and also on Vladan Djordjevic's call Dr. Vojislav Subotic visits Serbia. Sharing the excellent collaboration and respect they started to develop military and civilian surgery in the Serbia.
As the "father of Serbian military surgery", in the period 1889-1910, Dr. Roman Sondermayer, was the head of the Surgery Department within the framework of Belgrade Military Hospital. From 1910 to 1921, this role was carried out by Colonel Dr. Ceda Djurdjevic, and  during 1921- 1941 by Brigadier General Dr. Mihailo Petrovic, "founding father of the Serbian war surgery". In the time 1929-1981 the Department was headed by Colonel Dr. Svetozar Nikolajevic.
During 1950-1981, the chief of the Surgery Clinic was Isidor Papo (1913–1996), founder of the modern surgery clinic. The significant contribution to Serbian military and war surgery on the world level has been made by doctors Sondermayer, Subotic, Petrovic and Papo. The success in heading Surgery Clinic had Marjan Bervar (1918–2010), who was, also, the first to perform numerous surgical procedures in the field of digestive and endocrine surgery in former Yugoslavia.
After the Second World War, the heads of the Department of General Surgery, and later the Clinic for General Surgery were Colonel Dr. Svetozar Nikolajevic while during the same 1945 the head of the First Department was Capetain Velimir Majstorovic and head of the Second Department Colonel Dr. Caslav Babic. In the period 1945-1950, the First Department was managed by Major Dr. Vjeceslav Kazmin and the Second by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Velimir Majstorovic. After establishing MMA, the heads of the General Surgery Department were Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Vjeceslav Kazmin from 1950 to 1962, Colonel Dr. Petar Milic (1962-1967) and Colonel Prof. Dr. Marjan Bervar (1967-1983). After forming the Clinic for General Surgery its chiefs were General-Major Prof. Dr. Mihailo Djuknic (1983–1991), Col. Dr. Todor Atanasijevic (1991–1995), Col. Dr. Milija Petrovic (1995–2000), Col. Prof. Dr. Dragan Ignjatovic (2000–2005) and Col. Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Stankovic (2005-2011). Since 2012, the Clinic is headed by Colonel Asst. Prof. Dr. Mile Ignjatovic.
The succes of the Military Medical Academy in the country and the world is directly related to its Clinic for General Surgery. It sustained the main burden in combat actions medical services on the territory of former Yugoslavia (1991-1999), and actively participated in peacekeeping and medical missions during the last few years.
For three times, the Clinic for General Surgery carried the title of the best clinic at the Military Medical Academy.

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