Due to historical information, the first X-ray machine was established in General Military Hospital in May 1, 1910. The date represents a return of the first Serbian military radiologist Dr. Aleksandar S. Marković from his residences in Vienna and Zurich. In that period, radiology service, named “Radiological station”, operated within the framework and offices of General Military Hospital Surgical Department.
Title “Radiological station” figured for the first time in 1922, when Dr. Aleksandar S. Marković was nominated in head of Radiology Department of Permanent Military Hospital of the First Army Area. After Second World War, the Department became the MMA’s Institute of Radiology, quickly and continuously developing under the rooster of Military Medical Academy. In 1981, after moving Academy into the new building, the Institute started operating in new state-of-the-art boasted rooms, in accordance with the highest world standards and the biggest radiology centers.

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