The history of Medical Biochemistry begins with 1880, when the Chemical Department for biochemical analyses was established in Belgrade. In 1930, Biochemical Laboratory started operating as a part of Military Hygienic Institution within the framework of the then Central Military Hospital. It played a crucial role in the development of Medical Biochemistry in Serbia. This laboratory was run by a pharmacist Miloš Jančić, Phar. M. In 1946, the Central Clinical-Chemical Laboratory was set up within the Central Hospital of the Yugoslav Army. Over the period from 1953 to 1981, it shared the building of the MMA’s Internal Clinic, in Paster St. in Belgrade. Its first head was Capt.I Cl. Ljubomir Purać, Phar. M, who was promoted into the rank of Colonel in the early 70s and awarded the title of professor of Medical Biochemistry. During his tour of duty, as of 1955, he started offering fellowships to the first specialists in Medical Biochemistry for education and training purposes. Until 1998, the position of the head of the Central Clinical-Chemical Laboratory was served by medical biochemistry specialists Col. Božidar Savić, Phar. M, Col. Vera Mešterović, Phar. M, Col. Grujo Grujevski, Phar. M and Col. Petar Todorović, Phar. M. Due to its hard work, investments into the biochemical profession and science, good selection and training of its personnel, the Central Clinical-Chemical Laboratory reached  a high level of professional work and became a professional and teaching site for medical biochemistry residents. Having further extended its scope of work to include scientific-research and teaching activities, the laboratory grew into the Institute of Medical Biochemistry in 1999. It was first headed by Col. Radmila Nikolajević, Phar.M. a specialist in Medical Biochemistry, and since 2005, that position has been assumed by Lt. Col. Janko Pejović, MS, a specialist in Medical Biochemistry. 

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