In 1959, the Department of Radioisotope Application in Medicine has been established as a part of the MMA Clinic for Internal Diseases. It was under the management of Colonel Milovan Antić, M.D and grew during the middle 1983 into the MMA Institute of Nuclear Medicine.
Several years prior to the official operational activity of the Department of Radioisotope Application, Military Medical Academy underwent intensive preparations. It included active participation of the formation of the group of scientists within the framework of the Institute of Medical Research, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and educational activities organized by Colonel Milovan Antić, M.D. in the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Institut Gustave-Roussy, Paris. They clearly defined future work in the domain of nuclear medicine at the Military Medical Academy. Enthusiastic and visionary characteristic of Dr. Milovan Antić is the best justified when Military Medical Academy in 1956 applied for the first time in our country radionuclide therapy (radioactive phosphorus in the treatment of chronic leukemia). One of the prestigious prizes in the domain of nuclear medicine is named after him.
Introduction of new morphological and functional methods and radioimmunological analysis into the routine work was continuously increasing the number of examined patients and carried out methods. After ten years of existence, the number of 1500 patients in the year the Institute was established was five times larger. Next phase of development was in 1969, when Department began to operate as an independent unit while medical teams including physicians, physicists, biologists and technicians were formed, the first gamma camera was procured and the number of patients attained 15 000.
In 1980, upon moving into the new MMA building and forming the Institute of Nuclear Medicine as independent unit of the MMA Group of Institutes for Diagnostics and Therapy, it got new equipment and introduced computerized system. It obtained a today characteristics: highly specialized professional team, broadened scope of diagnostic and therapeutic methods of nuclear medicine in the routine work, educational, scientific research and publishing activity.
In the following period, it launched one dual-head gamma camera whilst all the rest have been integrated into the unique computerized system with the possibility to archive all diagnostic and laboratory findings made at the Institute.
Today, the MMA Institute of Nuclear Medicine is the second in the country by its size, well-equipped with five gamma cameras, radioimmunology laboratory and 20 employees. As the standard procedures, there are 150 diagnostic and therapeutic methods and analysis of nuclear medicine carried out with average 25.000 patients annually. Enthusiasm and principles the Institute resides on are invested in staff education, equipment modernization and introduction of new methods, i.e. all results which contributed that it has been classified as a world referent nuclear medical center.

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