Life and Work Conditions 
The cadet’s whole social life and work (accommodation, food, teaching process) are taking place at Military Medical Academy and Military Academy, what gives them great advantage when compared to other students. In addition to all other important facts including good secondary education qualifications, those relating to textbooks free-of charge, access to the Internet, great and hard work, high intrinsic motivation and constant support of teachers in mastering comprehensive study programs are other incentives for cadets to show top results almost at the very beginning of their study. Every month they receive payments regulated by specified rulebook. They are obligatory to finish all military training outside the teaching process. All cadet rights and obligations are defined by the contract. The obligations cover teaching and out teaching training as well as timely exam passing within the defined time schedules. Application conditions in professional military service after completed teaching process are also regulated by the contract. Upon completing internship at military garrison infirmaries as general practitioners they would earn the chance to apply for residencies.

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