First Class
The First Class of cadets includes the first generation of students enrolled to the MMA Medical Faculty. From the total number of 20 cadets (10 males and 10 females), the entering students comprise also 2 foreign citizens, who are receiving the scholarship of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Montenegro. After the Public Call announcement for the integrated academic studies of medicine, the First Class cadets enrolled to the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy.
Start of the students curricular activities began in September 1, 2009, with completed one- month military-medical training (September 1-28, 2009) in the MMA’s Center for Military Medical Services Organization and Tactics. They participate in the parade dedicated to the promotion of the new class of lieutenants taking place on the ground in front of the National Assembly and solemn military oath taking ceremony in October 5, 2009.
The cadets completed the first semester of the academic year 2009/2010 with the overall great point average of 8,91. During the second semester they attended 24 hours of military-medical and general training in course of which they broadened the competences in the field of machine training and completed their physical check-up. At the end of the academic year 2009/2010 all cadets passed total number of their exams with the overall point average of 9,14. In the year 2010/2011 students of the First Class ended the semester with point average of 10.
During the period January 21-31, 2011 cadets spent 10 days on the ski training in Kopaonik. On the Day of the Guard the acting dean of the MMA’s Medical Faculty approved six First Class cadets having current average grade greater than 9,50. The majority of the First Class cadets finished the first year of studies whilst the other are passing their exams in September.

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