The Process of Earning the Academic Title Doctor of Philosophy
In Military Medical Academy only persons with the title Master in Science can earn the degree Doctor of Philosophy.
The application for doctoral thesis must contain the following:
  1. conceptual design of the thesis
  2. the certificate delivered by the scientific-research coordinator affirming that the topic of doctoral thesis correspond to one of the approved scientific projects in Military Medical Academy
  3. Cathedra’s opinion on thesis conceptual design including also the teacher’s proposition who is designed to be a mentor
The application should be delivered to the Teaching-Scientific Council Secretariat and addressed to the Conceptual Design Committee of the Graduate Studies Council. The session of the Conceptual Design Committee, where the doctoral thesis application is considered, is attended by candidate and suggested mentor. The Committee gives its professional opinion about the project and communicates it to the Teaching-Scientific Council in order to follow the legal procedure.
The evaluation note of the doctoral thesis is given by the Committee composed on the decision of the Teaching-Scientific Council. At least one of the Committee members doesn’t belong to the MMA’s teaching staff. Prior to the approbation of thesis elaboration by the Teaching-Scientific Council and determination of the mentor, the Committee must report to the Teaching-Scientific Council about the evaluation note of the applicate thesis.
Following the legal deadline, the PhD candidate submits one example of thesis with no sheathing along with the evidence of requirements fulfillment, according to the decision of the MMA’s Teaching-Scientific Council from the 468. Session held in January 26, 2006, which include the following:
  1. One article reprinted in extenso with the review in journal (journal indexed in Medline basis);  
  2. One article reprinted in extenso in journal indexed either in Current Contents either in Science Citation Index basis;
  3. In both articles the candidate must be one of the first three authors and the articles should cover the fields of the doctoral thesis;
  4. The articles belonging to the following categories are not admitted: present topic, review article and case study;
  5. The candidate submits the photocopies of the published papers or the certificate delivered from the journals’ copydesks confirming that articles have been accepted for publishing.
The Evaluation Committee, composed on the decision of the Teaching-Scientific Council (at least one of the Committee members doesn’t belong to the MMA’s teaching staff), gives the report on completed doctoral thesis thus becoming the subject to disclosure by public announcement in daily journal “Politika” and MMA’s web presentation.


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