Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
There are three highly specialized and equipped health departments involved in the regular activity of the Clinic: the first – Inpatient, the second – Outpatient, and the third- Interclinical Department, providing recovery in orthopedics, neurology and rheumatology problems and applying various procedures of treatment.
The most important services this Clinic offers are ambulatory physical therapy (electro-, hydro-, magnetic-, laser therapies, chiropractics and acupuncture, etc.), and rehabilitation in the clinical setting as indicated by the MMA’s physiatrists.
The military insured patients and civilian referrals can seek services with Ward for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation within its hours of operation (from 07.30 a.m. to 03.00 p.m.), Monday through Friday. Self-pay patients can visit this Ward during its afternoon working hours between 03.30 p.m. and 07.30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
MMA’s Information Office: +381 11 266 11 22, +381 11 266 27 55
Head of the Clinic: lieutenant colonel Dragan Marić, M.D. PhD
Tel: +381 11 266 19 11
Administration Office: +381 11 360 89 23

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