War psycho-trauma in Serbian veterans

17.04.2008 | Top news

The scientific monography on ‘’War psycho-trauma in Serbian veterans’’, the authors of which are eminent neuropsychiatrists and psychologists from the Military Medical Academy, was promoted at the Serbian AF Club.



MMA gold plague awarded to the National Theater

16.04.2008 | Top news

A group of prominent artists, the representatives of the Belgrade National Theater visited the Military Medical Academy. Addressing the audience, doctor Elizabeta Ristanovic stressed that professionals in the field of medicine and science and artists fight for the same cause - to make life more beautiful.



New method of the Chest Surgery

08.04.2008 | Top news

Belgrade, April 8 - A team of experts from the MMA Chest Surgery Clinic led by Col. Prof. Vojkan Stanic, MD, PhD has successfully performed video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) on a patient with relapsing spontaneous pneumothorax.


Another success of the MMA Vascular Surgery

08.04.2008 | Top news

The MMA expert team of vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists and radiologists has successfully performed another two surgeries relating to endovascular reconstruction of the aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, thus, continuing the work initiated in February 2008, when the first two procedures of this kind were carried out. It also strengths the front of the national medical institutions which introduce the most advanced methods of endoscopic vascular surgery into their routine practice.


Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

08.04.2008 | Top news

The Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course organized by the MMA Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology, Serbian Medical Society and Swiss Association of Otorhinolaryngology followers was conducted at the Military Medical Academy.


MMA provided treatment to the Galenika’s injured employees

07.04.2008 | Top news

Immediately upon the chemical accident in the factory storehouse of the Galenika – Phytopharmacy a.d., 29 individuals were admitted to the Military Medical Academy all of whom were engaged in extinguishing a fire.



Agreement on cooperation with intermediary medical schools

04.04.2008 | Top news

he head of the Military Medical Academy Maj.Gen. Prof. Miodrag Jevtic, MD, PhD and principals of several accredited public and private intermediary and advanced military school in Belgrade and Cuprija signed agreements on cooperation in the field of education.



Tara: Epizootologic days

02.04.2008 | Top news

International symposium – 10 epizootic days organized by the Health Department of the MoD Sector for Material Resources and the Section for zoonoses of the Serbian Medical Society was held at ‘Omorika (spruce) hotel on the Tara mountain.



Visit of the delegation of the Greek AF General Staff

18.03.2008 | Top news, International Cooperation

he representatives of the Greek Armed Forces delegation paid a visit to the Military Medical Academy in the course of which they were introduced into the capabilities and capacities of this institution in the field of medicine and science.



Official celebration of the MMA Day

01.03.2008 | Top news

Central celebration of the 164th anniversary of the existence of the Military Medical Academy took place at the National Theater in Belgrade. Addressing the audience, the head of the Military Medical Academy Maj.Gen. Prof. Miodrag Jevtic, MD, PhD pointed out that upon functional integration into the National Health System, MMA was to face the integration into the educational system of the Republic of Serbia, technical renovation as well as the improvement of the MMA employees’ living standard.




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